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Uncle Nico: From the countryside to the summit

At Tío Nico Rice, our passion and commitment go beyond simple rice production. Located in the rich agricultural region of Caapucú, we combine traditional agricultural practices with technological innovation, such as annual crop rotation with soybeans in low-lying fields and the adoption of precision agriculture. This approach allows us to produce rice that is not only high quality, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. With the help of advanced technologies and expert collaborations, we are redefining what it means to produce superior quality rice in Latin America.

Innovation from the Field to the Consumer

Uncle Nico Rice is a living representation of Paraguayan heritage and passion. From our deep roots in fertile fields to the tables of our loyal consumers, we have built a history of dedication, progress, and genuine interest in quality. Each grain of Uncle Nico Rice carries a commitment: to maintain the perfect balance between the tradition we have inherited from our land and the innovation we apply. Our daily challenge is to continue raising standards, ensuring a product of excellence, and a food experience that honors and respects every consumer.

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