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Uncle Nico: From the countryside to the summit

Uncle Nico Rice is a living representation of Paraguayan heritage and passion. From our deep roots in fertile fields to the tables of our loyal consumers, we have built a history of dedication, progress, and genuine interest in quality. Each grain of Uncle Nico Rice carries a commitment: to maintain the perfect balance between the tradition we have inherited from our land and the innovation we apply. Our daily challenge is to continue raising standards, ensuring a product of excellence, and a food experience that honors and respects every consumer.

OUR STORY: Passion, Quality, and Recognition

La historia de Arroz Tío Nico comenzó en la ciudad de Fram, departamento de Itapúa, en 1996, cuando Don Nicolás Semeniuk, con amplia experiencia en acopio de granos, decidió junto a su familia lanzar un producto esencial que pudiera competir en calidad y precio a nivel internacional.

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Nicolas's vision, who was once a truck driver in Itapúa, did not stop there. He was inspired by the technology and culture of the Asian continent, traveling to learn and explore innovations that could be incorporated into his company. With great enthusiasm for mechanics and electronics, he visited various factories and studied the manufacturing process of mills, sorters, and packers.

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Don Nicolás' business adventure began with the collection of rice, financing local farmers. However, with the influence of his son Carlos, a passionate about agriculture, he soon focused on plantation, with a current production that covers 4,200 hectares in Caapucú, Paraguarí department.

Arroz Tío Nico has not only diversified in the production of other grains such as soybeans and corn, but has also ventured into beef and pork fattening. In addition, with the vision of expansion, the brand has started exporting, mainly to Brazil, and has plans to expand to markets in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, among others.

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With the honor of being named "Top Of Mind" consecutively in the years 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, Arroz Tío Nico has proven to be the preferred rice of Paraguayans, with an impressive recall rate of 32%. This award is not only a recognition of work and passion, but also the culmination of an effort that was born from a vision and an illusion.


For Nicolás Semeniuk, the key to success has been quality. As the brand grew, he made an effort to maintain a consistent and homogeneous standard of quality. In fact, the redesign of their packaging sought to highlight the quality and tradition of rice, going from being known for their characteristic package to being recognized by their name.

Nicolas's vision to keep Tio Nico as a leader in the market is clear: to continue investing in Paraguayan labor and national quality. At the same time, he seeks to inspire future generations with his advice, ranging from betting on technology in Paraguay to seeking self-improvement and dedication to work.


With almost 25 years in the market, Arroz Tío Nico continues to be synonymous with quality, tradition, and above all, Paraguayan passion for offering the best.

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