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Fram, Itapúa

Our center in Fram is essential for the collection, packaging, and distribution of our products. With incorporated administrative offices, this establishment ensures that each package is ready to reach your table with the quality that characterizes us.


Rice and Soybean Plantation

Our production plant in Caapucú is where everything begins, from the meticulous cultivation of each grain of rice and soybeans.

Caapucú: Pigs and Cattle

From plantation to responsible breeding in our cattle and pig sections. We invite you to watch our explanatory videos to learn more about this comprehensive process and our dedication to the field.

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Located in the heart of the capital, this warehouse is not only our main distribution center, but also houses our administrative office. It is the epicenter of our operations, ensuring that every grain of rice reaches its destination.


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Where to buy Arroz Tío Nico?

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...And in all the main supermarkets and stores in the country

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